What if you could build better?


AGGRESSIVELY PURSUING EXCELLENCE. PROPELLING THE INDUSTRY FORWARD. CREATING A BETTER TOMORROW. Each of these phrases describes engineers, contractors and owners who leave a lasting imprint by using technologies that enable them to complete projects cost effectively and faster while improving quality, safety and durability. Using decades of experience in bridge design and construction, HCB Inc. has developed the Hillman Composite Beam (HCB®). With years of proven field performance, the HCB is a revolutionary structural technology that demonstrates your commitment to provide a sustainable solution, reducing the burden of a crumbling infrastructure for future generations.

We understand that design and construction professionals have tremendous needs when it comes to bridge construction. Whether for highway, railroad, mining or marine construction, structures must perform at a high level, with minimal maintenance. But what if the design solution could also be cost-competitive, corrosion-resistant, safer and easier to install, with a service life beyond 100 years? HCB provides the solution to these design issues and more.

The HCB combines the durability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites with the low-cost and functional advantages of concrete and steel. The result is a cost-competitive, resilient bridge system benefitting from the extended service life inherent in composite materials. The lightweight design provides added benefits for shipping and erection while using standard construction equipment and methods. HCB offers a revolutionary approach to bridge construction.

At HCB Inc., we strive to achieve more than the development of a revolutionary product. Behind every product is a passion to build things better and to innovate constantly. Join us as we develop and improve the built environment.